Long Slim "Basic Babe" Curved Tweezer

What you need to know about Long Slim Basic Babe Curved Tweezer

  • STYLE - Isolation & Classic
  • PICK UP POINT - Middle
  • TENSION - Light/Medium


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The Long Slim "Basic Babe" Curved Tweezer is perfect for classic lash pickup and for isolating natural lashes. We have now adapted our best selling "Basic Babe" straight, into a thinner and longer length curved tweezer.

Why do some lash artists prefer a curved isolation tweezer? Let us tell you! 

Curved tweezers can be easier to work with and help with getting to hard to reach places, such as the inner corners. Curved tweezers when used for isolation tend to be better for a heavier hand and the curve stops too much pressure being applied when you may be distracted! (IE. Picking up a lash extension with the other hand!)

The longer length of this tweezer is down to personal preference and how you like to work! Some Lash Artists prefer to have more space to work and look down the tweezer line when placing the eyelash.

Incase you missed it, here are the main things that you need to know about this tweezer:

  • STYLE - Isolation & Classic
  • PICK UP POINT - Middle
  • TENSION - Light/Medium

Need a perfect pair for your Long Slim "Basic Babe" Curved Tweezers? Take a look at our IGTV showing off all you need to know about our tweezers and how to use them!

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Things to note about Lash Dolls UK & our tweezer range:

  • We hand-test our tweezers
  • They are made from high quality stainless steel
  • Tweezers are hand-picked for our collection to make sure they are lightweight and precise
  • We encourage you to look after your tweezers by using our tweezer cleaner (please follow directions)
  • Unfortunately we do not accept refunds on tweezers because of hygiene reasons

Tips for finding "THE ONE":

Every Lash Artist knows that finding the PERFECT tweezer can be a hard task so here at Lash Dolls UK, we have done everything we can to make purchasing your new favourite tweezer a dream! We test which style of lashes sets the tweezer is suited to, the pick-up method it is best used for, where the biting point is and the tension needed when working with the tweezer. Of course, it is always fantastic to get recommendations from other Lash Artist's and what they like to use, however, you need to find what works for you (as everyone works a little - or a lot - differently!). If you have any further questions about tweezer choice, we are always happy to help and we always have lots of demos of our tweezers in action on our Social Media!


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