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Introducing your Tweezer’s best friend – XL Tweezer Cleaner!

Ever wondered how to clean your tweezers without causing damage to them through picking, pulling or filing? Our Lash Dolls UK XL Tweezer Cleaner is just what you need.

How to use your Tweezer Cleaner:

Just place your tweezers into this special formula and squeeze tightly agains the sponge(s). Rinse your tweezers with water and dry with lint-free wipes. And it’s as simple as that to clean your tweezers with this amazing product!

Want to see a demo? Watch us clean our tweezers here!

What you need to know about Tweezer Cleaner:

  • Latest technology in cleaning tweezers
  • Gently and safely breaks down hardened glue on your tweezers
  • Works in seconds
  • No more soaking your tweezers in acetone or picking off dry glue that can damage your tweezers
  • For use on tweezers only, never use on your clients lashes or near the eyes
  • Store at room temperature with the lid closed tightly (you must keep the white cap under the twist lid to ensure that the product is constantly sealed to avoid the liquid evaporating)
  • 30ml bottle

Ingredients: Acetone, Butyl Acetate, Water, Pigment

Material Safety Data Sheet

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Please note XL Tweezer Cleaner is packaged in a larger bottle than the product volume and the pink sponge balls absorb a large amount of the product, so the bottle may not appear full – don’t worry, you’re still getting your full 30ml of Cleaner

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