At Lash Dolls UK, we love what we do and we love who we do it with- and for.

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We began with a mission to provide lash artists everywhere with affordable quality products that make their customers look and feel fantastic. Now we have become one of the UK’s leading eyelash extension suppliers, shipping our amazing products to lash artists all over the world.

We strive to provide the best experience with not only high-quality products that we sell but also with the education systemwe have in place helping us to create a better and stronger lash community!

We are here to guide you, support you and empower you through your eyelash journey by always improving the quality and consistency in our lash products, training courses and giving you day to day feedback and support when you need it.


From our founder Grete:

Lash Dolls UK was born in 2018 from a passion for lash extensions through years of being lash artist myself. But, I found that whatever lash products I used, there was always something missing. The high expectations and standards that I had made me create this lash brand that is loved by so many!

Over the years we have become the high-end lash brand with a down-to-earth attitude. We have set very high standards across the board and we are here to deliver.

All our products are researched and designed in house by our talented team and then sent for testing to our inhouse salon where we see around 100 lash clients per week. If the product doesn’t pass the testing process, it won’t make it to our website.

Being artists ourselves, we’ve tried every product that we carry. Tried, tested, and true, that is our guarantee!

At Lash Dolls UK we will continue to provide high quality lash products and education, to create a community of knowledgable and confident lash artists and heighten the standards of the lash industry


Determined to be the best.