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This Ultimate Wispy Lash Map Manual (downloadable PDF file) consists of @gretehimbergx absolute favourite lash maps and is full of her go to tips and tricks. In this manual, you’ll get 20 pages of maps and tips to create lash looks. Grete has over 10 years experience in the lash industry and she’s the creator of her super popular Online Masterclasses.

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Grete has created 3 ultimate wispy lash maps for you to try, learn and create. All her maps are drawn out, explained and amazingly detailed. She’ll be encouraging you every step of the way through this manual how to create these super popular wispy lash looks for your clients.

Map 1 – Wispy Queen

This is her most popular wispy lash style that she creates for her clients day in and day out and she also teaches this style at her wispy workshops. An ultra-wispy style that suits most of your clients eye shapes. Longer wisps are positioned in the centre of an eye, giving more doll eye or open eye look.

Map 2 – Just Wing It

Very sultry and sexy wispy style where longer lash lengths are purposely placed in the outer corner of an eye giving it a nice and seductive sweep.

Map 3 – Bombshell

The strip lash wearers will absolutely love this. This style has 6 longer points that are quite wide and chunky making them the focus point for this set as all the lashes around them will be so much more shorter. This style will definitely turn heads.

The maps are easily adjustable, so you can offer them to your more glamorous strip lash look lovers or to your more natural clients who want softer and more toned down lash looks. These 3 styles will take your lash sets to a higher level and will spice up your lash life.

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