The Importance of Retailing in Salons

When you think of salons such as hairdressers, they always have stock upon stock of shampoos, conditioners, straighteners… everything you would possibly need to achieve the salon look at home. So why can’t our lash salons or home lash studios be the same? 

Retailing within your salon is super important. You are able to educate your clients on the best products that you swear by and also properly teach them how to use them, this then enables your clients to keep their lashes in the best condition possible. Which all in all, makes your job as a lash artist that much easier. 

Lash shampoos are one product that is a necessity for every client. As a lash artist you should be encouraging your clients to clean their lashes and educating them as to how and why. If you would like some guidance on the importance of cleaning your lashes and how to speak to your clients about this, please see our other Lash Dolls U.K. blog post (The Importance of Cleaning your Lashes). However, retailing products isn’t just about educating. It’s about earning you extra money. 

Buying products suitable for retail in bulk quantities at a cheaper price enables you to add on extra money to then sell them individually. For example, Lash Dolls U.K. “Squeaky Clean” Lash Shampoo mini 60ml is £11.99 to buy individually, or you can buy 10 for £99.99, which gives you a saving of almost £20. The RRP for lash shampoos is around £12-15. Do your research, see how much products such as lash shampoos are selling for and decide your price. It is so much easier for your clients to buy there products from you after their appointments, rather than searching online and paying delivery fees!

Small extras like retailing products can make a huge difference to your earnings! Just think how easy it is to add on a lash shampoo for each new client. Or even producing fun gift sets that include shampoos and brushes, all in a make up bag! It is completely up to you what you decide to sell in your salon, how you sell them, and at what price. This varies for everyone as we each have different client bases. 

This is why at Lash Dolls U.K. we offer a huge range of products that are suitable for retailing. We have lash shampoos (of course), Fluffy Brow styling creams for those clients who obsess over their eyebrows,  handheld mirrors, make up bags, and more!!

See our full range of retail products here. 

There is no reason why we should not all be retailing products in our salons, it is an incredibly simple and easy additional income that you should all be receiving. There is no set price that you have to sell your retail products for.  Just remember, buy in bulk – save money – increase individual price – earn a profit. 



Written By: Lucy Askham

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