Selecting The Right Lash Glue for You

When it comes to selecting the right lash adhesive, one glue isn’t always perfect for everyone. This can be due to experience e.g. the quicker you work the faster drying glue you can use and vice versa; and also, it is down to the environment you work in. 

When it comes to your work environment, room humidity and temperature are extremely important, as the performance of your glues rely on this. Eyelash adhesives rely on moisture in the air to work properly, they need moisture to attach. The main ingredient of all lash glues is cyanoacrylate. This ingredient ensures the lash glue dries quickly and holds the extensions in place for several weeks. However, cyanoacrylate only cures when there is moisture. Simply put, the humidity works as an activator for lash extension glue’s adhesion.

If the room humidity is higher than the ideal level, the cyanoacrylate in your glue will be ‘overly activated’ by too much moisture in the air. This means that the lash adhesive will dry much faster than usual –  lash glue can dry 1-2 times faster than its specified drying speed when the humidity is too high. This will become a massive issue when lashing, as your glue will have cured too quickly. Meaning, your glue droplets will dry up much quicker, this can lead to poor placement, bad attachment and bad retention. 

Opposite to this, too little humidity in the air will slow everything down. If the humidity is lower than the ideal level, the cyanoacrylate in your glue will not have enough water vapour to help it cure. This can cause issues like bad placement, and higher exposure to cyanoacrylate, which could then cause an allergic reaction from the lash glue. If you are unsure on the humidity of your Lash Dolls U.K. glue then these are stated on the product descriptions. 

When it comes to the temperature, this can affect the viscosity of the lash glue. If it’s too cold, the glue gets harder than it should, and will take the glue longer to dry. If it’s too hot, the glue will overheat and become more stringy, meaning your glue will dry much quicker due to the hot temperature. If you are working in a hot temperature, it is important to change your glue every 10 minutes. At Lash Dolls U.K. all of our lash adhesives are recommended to store at around room temperature (21-26C): 

Magicbond & Megabond – Perfect temperature 21-22C

Masterbond – Perfect temperature 22-26C

It is important that you understand your lash glues perfect temperature and humidity before use to guarantee the best retention from your glue. If one of these elements are off, then you’re at risk of your work not being at its full potential. 

When selecting your glue, it is mostly down to personal preference as only you can decide what works best for you. You may work very quickly and have clients back to back, so a quick drying glue is a must! Or maybe you prefer to have a few extra seconds to make adjustments, even though you could work faster. Whatever it is, understanding the differences in the glues drying speeds and how this can be affected by your work environment is key. This is why at Lash Dolls U.K. we have 3 lash adhesives perfect for everyone. 

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Written by: Lucy Askham

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