Disposable Microfibre Brushes

These microfibre brushes are perfect to use with sealants and primers. They are non absorbent and have a small tip so you won’t be wasting any products.
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What are Disposable Microfibre Brushes used for?

Disposable microfibre brushes are a salon essential for anyone looking to apply single-use, cleansing or removal products to their clients during appointments.

What can they be used for?

As they’re disposable, you don’t need to worry about the risk of cross-contamination between clients. Due to the brushe’s microfibre end, they are super soft and gentle when applying or removing products from a clients eye area. The small end allows for precise application.

They are perfect for applying Primer and Megabonder as they do not pick up too much of the product! Simply take 2 clean microfibre brushes and allow a drop or so of the product onto one of the brushes. Touch the two microfibre brushes together and distribute the product evenly across both brushes. Work the product onto the eyelashes by placing one brush under the lashes and one on the top, gently work in at the root of the lashes. This should not touch the skin.

So, now you now how to use them! Do you also need more application tools?

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