Lint-free Eyelash Adhesive Wipes


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Why do I need Lint-free Eyelash Adhesive Wipes?

Not only are our Lint-free Eyelash Adhesive Wipes very useful for keeping your glue bottle clean and mess free, it is also very important to note that these are SAFE to use with the glue formula. Our wipes are cotton and lint-free, and will not cause a reaction with your adhesive. Cotton does not react well with the main ingredient of lash adhesives, cyanoacrylate – see our “smoky” chemical experiment here! 

Use these wipes to clean your lash adhesive nozzle after each use. These wipes are perfect if you struggle to keep your eyelash adhesive nozzle free from glue build up. Have a look at our selection of glues here!

Wipes are great to have on hand to quickly and effectively clean up any small spills that may happen throughout a treatment. They are also handy for dabbing off excess primer/megabonder from your microfibre brushes whilst still maintaining hygiene standards.

They can also be used for catching tears as they are super absorbent, simply cut a wipe into quarters, and use one quarter under the pad/tape towards the outer corner of the eye.

Each pack contains 200 wipes and come in a storage box with lid to keep fresh and dirt free.

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Weight 50 g
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