Matte Lash Extension Storage Palette


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Get organised with the Lash Dolls Matte Lash Extension Storage Palette

Juggling your salon, clients and life? We’ll help you to get organised with our Matte Lash Extension Storage Palette! We can’t help you to be in two places at once, but we can at least help you to make sure you know where everything is.

Not only will the matte lash extension palette keep your lash strips safe due to the protective lid when not in use, but it will also help you to lash! What do we mean? Let us tell you! This pallette has been designed with Lash Artists in mind (much like all of our products!), we have made this pallette MATTE, which means that there is no nasty reflection glaring back at you when you are carrying out your intricate work.

Lash Storage Palette product information:

    • Matte finish
    • Clear perspex lash storage palette
    • One compartment
    • Easy cleaning
    • H – 3cm, W – 8cm, L – 15.5cm
    • Gold Lash Dolls logo on front of organiser
    • In two parts with removable lid to keep lashes dust and germ-free (essential with the extra industry regulation currently in place)

The beautiful matte lash extension palette deserves some beautiful matte lashes! Shop our “Matte lashes” here

Check out just how matte the palette is on our Instagram!



Additional information

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 15,5 × 8 × 3 cm


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