Duo Brow Brush

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Introducing, the LDUK Duo Brow Brush, the perfect brush to pair with our Brow Lift Styling Wax!

This duo brow brush features super soft synthetic bristles that mimic the feel of natural hair. We want your eyebrows to always be on fleek, and what better way to achieve this than by using one of our high quality duo brow brushes. This brush will shape and style your brows!

The LDUK duo brow brush has been created with short, soft fluffy bristles to promote a flawless brow. Perfect for brushing, styling and sculpting your brows. Why not try with our ‘Brow Lift Styling Wax’. This brush pairs amazingly with our brow lift styling wax to brush your eyebrows into whichever shape you desire.

Our brow brush has both a spoolie on one end to brush the brows and a short bristled brush on the other end to use for applying product to the brows.

How to use:

Simply brush out the brows with the spoolie end of the brush and use the opposite end to apply any product!

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