Foam Eye Pads for Lash Extension x50


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Foam Eye Pads for Lash Extension x50 are essential for every lash artist – these eye pads keep your clients comfortable, keep stray lashes away and keep the eye area cool during lash appointments.

Our Foam Eye Pads for Lash Extension x50 are available in the premium shape to suit your needs as well as your clients, available currently in packs of x50 Pairs.

About the shape:

Premium Shape – slimline with tabs for easy adjustments, good grip without being painful to remove, meaning less chance of movement. These can also be used to map out your lash sets before application.

These lash eye pads are designed to hold down your clients bottom lashes while you provide the lash application treatment. We recommend using our hypoallergenic tape to tape down the pads on clients with extra oily skin or flickery eyes.

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How to use our lash eye pads:

1- Clean the clients eyes using our Squeaky Clean Sensitive Lash Shampoo and a cleansing brush

2- Peel open the eye pad packet and pull out the eye pads

3- Peel off the back sticker on the pad and with your clients eyes open (and looking up), place the pad over the bottom lashes.

4- Once the clients eyes are closed adjust the pad to the correct and most comfortable position.

5- Gently pull the eyelid up to check all the lashes are secured down.

6- Repeat on the other eye.

Top tip: Avoid the pad being too close to or touching the eye so the clients eyes aren’t red and irritated during/after the appointment. Use sensitive tape to stick down any stray lashes.

Done! You’re now ready to continue with the lash appointment!

Additional information

Weight 112 g
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 1,5 cm

Pack of 50 I


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