Lash Adhesive Nozzle Remover

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Are you tired of your glue nozzle getting clogged with glue and having to throw it away? You need Lash Adhesive Nozzle Remover!

This simple to use tool allows you to remove the nozzle with ease, ready to replace with a new one – no need for a whole new adhesive.

How to Use:
– Measure which key to use by placing the circle over the nozzle
– Once you find the correct fit, use the U-shaped tool to pull off the nozzle.
– Insert the side which fits the nozzle diameter on the lash adhesive nozzle and lift until open.
Sanitize after each use.

For best results on getting the most from your adhesive try our Lint free adhesive wipes to keep the nozzle squeaky clean.


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Weight 46 g
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 1 cm


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