Pink and Gold Disposable Mascara Brushes


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What are Mascara Brushes used for? Not mascara, that’s for sure!

Our pink and gold disposable mascara brushes are a salon essential for anyone looking to apply single-use, cleansing or removal products to their clients during appointments.

What can they be used for?

  • Brushing through the natural lashes before a set so they are in the right direction
  • Some lash artists use them as a cleaning tool when using lash shampoo so each lash is separated and cleaned

As they’re disposable, you don’t need to worry about the risk of cross-contamination between clients. Due to the brushe’s microfibre end, they are super soft and gentle when applying or removing products from a clients eye area. The small end allows for precise application.

There is no better feeling than having your lashes brushed, and the noise of it too!

So, now you now how to use them! Do you also need more application tools?

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Our Pink and Gold Disposable Mascara Brushes are beautiful and are also a  great retail item.
Super cute and stylish to use during the lash appointment and perfect for a client aftercare package!
Pack of 50

Lets see our Pink and Gold Mascara brushes in action here!

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Weight 46 g
Dimensions 10,8 × 7,3 × 3 cm


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